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This is what Catalyst Wellness+Performance affectionately calls its facility. It is a whirring, buzzing hub of activity, where the principles, practices and philosophy of CWP are manifested in the actions of those who have joined the CWP family.

Below are the links to the various hubs with the Lab. Click on the image to be taken to the calendar to schedule an appointment, register for a class or reserve your time on one a trainer or in the recovery room.



Click on the tab below to schedule a Wellness visit with Dr. Geddis.

This would include initial and follow-up chiropractic visits, nutritional consultations and reviews of functional assessments such as lab work, running or swimming analysis, etc


Catalyst offers a diverse program of classes utilizing the newest approaches to strength and conditioning. There are classes for the individual new to the gym up to the established athlete who needs just a little more.

Please contact Catalyst directly as our class offering are always changing and improving.



Click on the tab below to schedule your Normatec recovery session.

These session run from 10 to 60 minutes, please pick the appropriate recovery session length when scheduling.



Click on the tab below to schedule your cycling training session.

The Peloton bike is a virtual spin class and can be lead by a live instructor or you can choose from 1000's of prior classes. Your session will be loaded to your personal Peloton account.

The Wahoo Kickr and Snap sessions are require you to bring your own bike. The Kickr is set for an 11 speed Shimano/Sram rear cassette, while the Snap can be used by any bicycle.