Nutritional Consultation


Nutritional Consultation


Programs begin with an initial consultation to review and assess the nutritional demands of your training program, your athletic goals, and your medical, nutrition, and diet history.  You will then be asked to keep an accurate food log for one week including your fluid intake. A comprehensive review of your log will be one along with a review of any blood work you have available. You will then be provided with a personalized sports-specific nutrition plan.

The sports-specific nutrition plan addresses:

  • Energy requirements for specific training days and training cycles
  • Nutrition strategies for optimal recovery
  • Hydration, electrolyte, and fueling plan during training and for competition
  • Body composition changes: Weight loss, body fat loss, muscle building
  • Pre-exercise/ training nutrition
  • Competition nutrition
  • Sports nutrition products
  • Ergogenic aids
  • Vitamin and mineral supplementation

Follow-up appointments are provided for ongoing nutrition education and development of your nutrition program as your training seasons progresses up to competition on a fee per service basis.

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