Once again my well thought out blog post changed due to circumstances beyond my control. As  the Northeast dug out from the latest snow storm, a foot for me here on Cape Cod, it brought to light an unavoidable fact we encounter during the course of a season. While our coach has spent countless hours and energy laying out our season plan in attempt to have us peak at just the right time, life has a way of altering that plan. 

We are age groupers, we don't get paid to do this, we have to juggle family, work, illness and weather as we attempt to fit in all that has been given to us to do. As I see it we have 2 choices, be a slave to the plan or adapt an conquer. 

Many of us are total Type A personalities which means if we are given something to do we will do it, come hell or high water, or as noted a foot of snow. When we can't go out for that 2 hour Zone 2 run  because its blizzard like conditions we stress and fret about missing the session, what is going to to do our season, can I fit that run in tomorrow after my 3 hour trainer ride or heaven forbid, I'm going to lose all that fitness I've built up because I missed the workout. This is being a slave to the plan. It controls you, affects your mood, your thoughts, your overall outlook towards the season and quite frankly is a poor way to approach training.

A better approach is to adapt and conquer. Ok so you can't get out there and do that 2 hour run, but maybe strapping on the snowshoes and going for a hike and taking in Mother's Natures wonderland followed by 2 hours of shoveling could serve a better purpose. I look at it this way, slogging through the snow with garbage can lids on my feet is going to get my heart rate up there for sure, but at the same time, I'm mentally recharging and enjoying the wonders of the world around me.  I feel it is much the same as going for a nice easy trail run instead of pounding the pavement time and time again. Good for the mind, body and soul. Now that you are warmed up we have a great 2 hour functional strength workout ahead of us. Push, lift. twist, stabilize, balance all accomplished by simply moving a bunch of white fluffy stuff. Yes we have to remember good mechanics, to lift and twist both to the left and to the right but give me 2 hours shoveling over 1 hour in a sweaty, stinky gym any day.

The success of a season is not based on any one session but built on consistency and adaptability  session after session. I'm not saying change, alter, skip, substitute willy nilly but as circumstances dictate, adapt and conquer. Trust me, it will make for a more enjoyable, much less stressful season and in the end you and your coach will be thankful.

Cheers, I'm off to dig out the cars.