Tell me something and I’ll forget it, show me something and maybe I’ll remember, involve me and I will remember it.
— Confucius

Edward(Ted) Geddis, D.C., Owner/director

Specialty Areas:

Triathlon/Run/Swim Coaching, Sports Medicine, Chiropractic, Rehabilitation,  ART, Graston and Kinesiotape Practitioner, Nutrition

Board Certifications:

National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board

Chiropractic Licenses:

Massachusetts, Connecticut; Ontario, Canada

Dr. Geddis earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Guelph in neuro and muscle physiology and is a graduate of Northwestern University of Health Sciences. He is board-eligible in rehabilitation and orthopedics and has done extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of soft-tissue injuries. Dr. Geddis was one of the first chiropractors to be certified in Active Release and Graston Soft Tissue Techniques and to be a certified USAT and Ironman University Triathlon Coach. He is Healthy Running and Transformational Running certified and a TPI-certified Golf Medical Instructor. In addition, he has extensive training in nutrition and is a certified First Line Therapist, with a focus on metabolic syndrome and sports nutrition.

He takes a very 'Hands-On' approach in his coaching and expects his athletes to be active participant in the process. Utilizing the latest in coaching hardware and techniques and blending that with old-school knowledge and gut instinct he is able to bring the most out in his athletes, helps them pursue their 'Why' and accomplish their goals.

Dr. Geddis specializes in the conservative treatment of most neck, back and joint injuries with an emphasis on sports-related injuries and takes a unique look at biomechanics and movement to determine the underlying cause of injury. He utilizes his years of training and medical background with his multiple certifications with USAT, Ironman and all others in working with athletes, from the total newbie to seasoned veterans, to attain their goals all the while reducing their risk of injury.

Dr. Geddis spearheaded the initial collaboration between DC's and MD's in the state of Connecticut, becoming one the first doctors to work along side orthopedic surgeons. He was an adjunct professor at the University of Bridgeport, has coached many runners and triathletes, and was a frequent lecturer on many topics, including treatment of the injured athlete, co-management of soft tissue injuries, season, race, training planning and athletic nutrition.


    •    University of Guelph, Bachelor of Science

    •    Northwestern University of Health Science, Doctorate of Chiropractic

Postgraduate Training:

    •    Ironman University

    •    Certified Coach

    •    USA Triathlon

    •    Level I Certified Coach, Certified Elite Youth and Junior Coach

    •    Training Peaks University

    •    Level II Accredited Coach

    •    SlowTwitch

    •    Swim and Cycling with Power Certified Coach

    •   TRX

    •   Suspension Training, Group Training, Sports Medicine and Functional Strength Training Certified

    •    Endurance Coaching Summit

    •    Science and Business of Coaching Endurance Athletes

    •    Active Release Techniques Soft Tissue Management

    •    Full Body Credentialed Provider for spine, upper and lower extremity

    •    Graston Technique

    •    Full Body Credentialed Provider

    •    Titleist Performance Institute

    •    Golf Fitness Instructor Level I

    •    Functional Movement Systems

    •    Functional Movement Screen-Certified

    •    YMCA Certified Lifeguard

    •    Lifeguard, ASHI CPR Pro, Basic First Aid and Emergency Oxygen Certifications

    •    Fascial Movement Taping

    •    Level 1 and 2 Certified Rock Doc

    •    Kinesio Taping Association International

    •    KT1 and KT2 Certified

    •    First Line Therapy

    •    Therapeutic Lifestyle Certification

    •    FLT Healthcare Provider

    •    GMP Fitness

    •    Golf Conditioning Specialist

    •    Healthy Running

    •    Running Coach Certified

    •    Transformational Running

    •    Running, Biomechanics and Conditioning Certified

    •    McKenzie Institute, USA

    •    Certified Lumbar and Cervical Spine Provider